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Start A Business Box Deal

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Make the best of your buck by buying our Start Your Business Templates Box Deal, and save 50% on the overall price. This box deal includes all our Start Your Business templates that relate to getting you started. To view the list of templates in this box, click here.

Startup Checklist


The business startup checklist assists you with a practical tick box style guide to ensure that you have covered all the bases when starting up your business from scratch! Download Sample

Business Plan Template


A sound business plan is the cornerstone of any startup. Use the business plan template to guide your setup through the important aspects of starting a business, and ensure your structure is solid. Sample Download

Shareholders Agreement


Vitally important is the agreement between you and your partners. The shareholders agreement template is custom made for private companies, with consideration to the factors that play a vital role in your business relationships. Sample Download

Share Certificate


The share certificate template is a ready-to-go editable document that can be used over and over again to record the formal issue of shares in the company, an important requirement that is sometimes overlooked when making changes to shareholding in your company. Sample Download

Roles and Responsibilities


The Roles and Responsibilities template assists you with a sample structure for allocating the various tasks to individuals in your company to ensure that all required duties are considered and clarity provided with respect to the execution thereof. Sample Download

Bank Finance Proposal


Submit a professional and well though through financing proposal to the bank to ensure your request for finance is approved. A well motivated financing proposal will set you above the rest and show the banks you know what you are doing. It will also help secure you the best possible financing deal. Sample Download

Filing Structure


The company filing structure is a guide to keeping your house in order with consideration to the typical day to day dealings that you can expect to encounter, that mostly get pushed aside to sort out later. The best time to get your filing in order, is right from the start! Sample Download

Meeting Minutes


This Template is a well structured pre-populated set of minutes with general topics for discussion with respect to general business activities. You can easily insert additional topics and populate actions. Sample Download