Lockdown? 6 ways of making money from home:

Times are tough right now, not only in South Africa but in the world. More than 27 countries are currently under lockdown (full or partial), and probably more to come. How can you generate an income during these times and keep your business afloat? Here are some practical steps to unlock opportunities for making money during difficult times like there.


1. Online Courses

If you have a special skill that you can teach to others, now is a great time with the aid of technology? Most people are eager to grow, develop and improve during isolation. This may be a a great opportunity to pass your skills on through various online platforms to eager customers.

2. Delivery

Logistics is flourishing at the moment as most people are having essential goods and products delivered rather than going out for them. Is there an opportunity for you to get involved in the supply chain?

3. Trading

Not for the unadventurous, that is for sure, and does requires a degree of education (or else it would be gambling), and the correct mental capacity and guts. But trading in stocks and shares is something you can do from home, and there are opportunities to be had in this extreme turbulent financial world.

4. Consultancy

If you have a specialist skill or knowledge, why not offer it in a consultancy capacity? You may have a wealth of knowledge that has suddenly become highly sought-after. Places such as LinkedIn are great ways of letting the world know that you’re skilled, that you’re available, and can assist online!

5. E-Commerce Drop Shipping

This will require you to invest money by means of buying stock before selling. Essentially you act as a third-party between the manufacturer and the customer as a storefront. The manufacturer ships directly to the customer once an order is placed. It may be a good time to familiarize yourself with this industry, as it is sure to climb post lockdown.

6. Arbitrage

A different form of e-commerce, which takes two forms: online and retail. Arbitrage is the simple act of sourcing a product and selling it on at a profit. It’s important to remember that no-one should attempt to be profiteering during this period.

People are resilient by nature, and there is a natural urge, call it instinct, to survive. The effect of a lockdown might even be that of slowing you down, contemplating, strategising and planning your next steps. Be ready to take on the world when the time comes!